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Revised parts 1 ~ 5

In lieu of posting new chapters (sorry!), I've uploaded the revised versions of chapters 1 through 5. The revisions are a result of my own continuity checks, consultation with [ profile] steelehearts, and me wanting to change things to get them more in line with later (still unpublished) chapters.

PS - Easy trivia question time. There is exactly one basic food ingredient mentioned in the fic so far that was NOT present when and where the original Mahabharata took place. Hint: It was likely invented in the Mahabharata era, but on the opposite side of the globe.

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chocolate? potatoes?
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It was chocolate. Oh crap, did I mention potatoes somewhere? I thought I caught all of those. (Except for the chocolate, which is deliberate.)

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no no, i was guessing. =)

it's usually either chocolate or potatoes, and since i didn't exactly remember which one, i just decided to guess both of them.