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Part 8

Chapter Four: Rose

I'm still working working ahead of one of my betas here, so forgive me for the slow pace.

Anyway, new chapter! If you squint you'll see the first (unnamed) references to an extremely important character whom we'll meet again during the exile part of the story. ;)


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Once again, a delight to read. I love the way the characters are coming alive... am I repeating myself too much?

I liked the little details that enhances the story... like Arjuna hating sun,the rose ceremony, etc. I feel sorry for all of them! Knowing whats in their future, their present isn't even bad...

As for the "extremely important" character, is that Bhim's girlfriend "Hidimba"(sp?)

Once again, you leave me wanting for more. So, please update soon =)

Thank you very much...

Re: RR

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Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it!

(...And yes, that's her!)