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mahastory ([personal profile] mahastory) wrote2009-06-23 11:13 am
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June double-update: Parts 19 and 20

Well, I managed to keep my promise. Also, this month [ profile] goldenflames deserves an extra-special THANK YOU for beta-ing Chapter Ten on the night before she left for a vacation in Cambodia. Now that's dedication. :) Thank you!!!

Anyway, the fic.

Interlude: Rukmaratha

Chapter Ten: Draupadi

Aaaaaand with that, I'm going to be going on hiatus until September. I have to move twice this summer, once across the Pacific Ocean and then once more again across the United States, in addition to starting grad school and all sorts of other stressful things. I'm also going to take some time in July to work some more on writing the exile part, because I'm not as far ahead on those chapters as I would like to be.

Anyway, thank you all for your continued support and words of encouragement. We will be back in September with a new update. And, as always, thank you for reading!

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